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In advertising, ‘strategy’ refers to the overall marketing or selling approach. It is the thinking behind the idea. The strategy can come from a proposition of the product, how it is used, the market background, choice of target audience or any combination. Some of the ideas can be combined with two or more strategies but it should always only communicate one proposition. Strategies can be combined or overlap and it isn’t definitive.


The ‘order’ in terms of advertising creative process, is always strategy first, Concept/Idea second and only then comes the Campaign. Every strategy needs an element of distinction from the competitor’s, as should the concept and campaign.


The Pen Show celebrates the most effective strategies in Singapore and the ideas that were produced around it.

It starts with a pen.

The thinking behind the idea.


Each campaign comes from a concept, which comes from a strategy. This framework allows advertising to be created in a logical and creative manner that is relevant enough to persuade consumers to buy. Before any creatives pick up the pencil to sketch the next brilliant idea, the strategy first needs to be penned down. Founded in 2016 to celebrate high strategic achievement in advertising in Singapore, The Inaugural Pen Show 2016 recognises the best strategies from which ideas can be created.


Entry closes: 2016, November 18

Winning Strategies


Winning Entries

“The thinking
behind the thinking.”


Author of The Advertising Concept Book

The Pen Show 2016

Winning Strategies

Advertising is a cultural artefact and culture consists of societal practices and values. Both consumers and advertisers are defined by their culture and advertising will only be effective if their values match. The communitarian ideology of the five shared values have inculcated a population of interdependent individuals. These winning strategies were successful in targeting collectivistic societies such as Singapore. Check out the winning strategies and the ideas that were created around them.




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